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"Insert Map Disc" Problem on NSDN-W Series For Vitz/Passo/Prius - Solved

Most of you might have faced "Insert Map Disc" problem after disconnecting car battery.

Regarding that case if anybody wants NSDN-W Series software for vitz/passo then please follow below steps described under "How to Get Software Free?" and get software for free. You would require that specially when you disconnect battery terminal. After battery terminal removal the system wouldn't allow you to use any of following features.

  1. DVD
  2. CD
  3. SD Audio
  4. Aux
  5. Back view Camera
  6. FM/AM

Once you put this sd card software in your NSDN-W series player then everything would start working again.

How to Get Software Free?
Signup at link : Drako Store - Shopping with Style And then send me email with which you signed up at and i will send back software link to you. Also please send "Drako Store" link to your friend too.