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Twitter & Firefox Romance Reaching to its Height

As soon as news of new HTML-5 based OS came out from Mozilla, Another news which hit IT world is that new Firefox OS system will be able to tweet about their new phones from their new phones from the off.

According to the firm, Twitter for Firefox OS will be similar to its other mobile apps. It will come with the same Home, Connect, Discover, and Me tabs, along with search and compose Tweet icons.

The app will have one unique feature though, thanks to Firefox OS. Users will be able to tweet photos directly out of any app that also supports Web activity, including Firefox OS’ built-in photo app.

IPad 5 will Hit its Rivals Hard in September 2013

A tough battle is going on between world giants if we consider smart phones, OS or tablets. Now to make battle a bit tough Apple will come up with some stunning shape and features as far as IPad 5 is concerned.
First expected thing will be complete design overhaul. Secondly, now Apple will make use of the bezel in order to make the tablet thinner. This will solve the volume issue for its users. It will also apply the thin GF2 touch module of the same level as iPad mini. Some of the stunning features will be revealed in summer season.

$1.99 iPhone app saved Oscars film

See below video link to find how the documentary film director Malik Bendjelloul talks about how he used a $1.99 iPhone app to finish shooting his Oscar-nominated film, “Searching for Sugar Man.”

Women Most Likely to Reach 100th Birthday

Women have long been known to live longer than men, but when it comes to hitting the century mark the difference is stark.
Of the 53,364 Americans age 100 and older, more than 80 percent are women, according to a US Census Bureau report.
The agency's findings, based on data collected from its 2010 census, also found those who make it past 100 are also more likely to be white city-dwellers in the Northeast and Midwest.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the rates are similar in Australia. There were estimated to be 3049 centenarians in Australia as of March 2012 - 2495 women (82 percent) compared to 554 men.
"Due to sex differences in mortality over the lifespan, the proportion of females in the population increases with age. This is especially true in the oldest ages, where the percentage female increases sharply," Census researchers write.

Huge Asteroid site found in Austrillia

Few weeks after Asteroids hit Russia, Scientists have found one of the largest ancient asteroid impact zones on Earth has been discovered in outback Australia.

The impact zone, which centres on the East Warburton Basin in north-eastern South Australia, was caused by an asteroid up to 20 kilometres-wide that slammed into the planet between 298 and 360 million years ago, report scientists from the Australian National University and University of Queensland.

Terrain around the impact site shows evidence of changes caused by shock-wave related deformation and heating of the ground by an impact event, says study co-author, Dr Andrew Glikson from the Australian National University.

Higgs boson particle limits the Life of Earth

Higgs boson particle is the major discovery which science has made so far in last few decades. It open ups the matter for us and dictates how a solid matter comes into existence. But at the same time it also leads us to determine the life of matter. Some of the scientist working at Europe's Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, the world's largest and highest-energy particle accelerator says that "It may be that the universe we live in is inherently unstable and at some point billions of years from now it's all going to get wiped out".

The discovery of Higgs boson particle would help us resolve a key puzzle about how the universe came into existence some around 14 billion years ago, and perhaps how it will end.

Earth will likely be long gone before any Higgs boson particles set off an apocalyptic assault on the universe. Physicists expect the Sun to burn out in 4.5 billion years or so, and expand, likely engulfing Earth in the process.  

Sleeping Less than 6 hours disturbs Human Genes

The latest scientific study has revealed that sleeping less than 6 years constantly can lead of passive gene activities. This passive gene activities directly effects the immune system, metabolism and the body's response to stress getting. Tests on people who slept less than six hours a night for a week revealed substantial changes in the activity of genes that govern the immune system, metabolism, sleep and wake cycles, and the body's response to stress. Constant less sleep can lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stress and depression. The interesting fact for us is that there is very minor difference in sleep duration which leads to these kinds of problems.

Next Generation Computer will be on Your Arms

The scientific research pace at which we are moving, soon we will be robot-human hybrids with the help of wearable computers. We’ve already seen Google Glass, the search giant’s augmented-reality glasses, and now the latest Y Combinator startup to come out of stealth, Thalmic Labs, is giving us a wrist cuff that will one day control computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, and remote-control devices with simple hand gestures. Unlike voice-detecting Google Glass, Thalmic Labs is going to the source of your hand and finger gestures – your forearm muscles. Most probably in near future we may not have to shut down these small wrist computers, they will shut down themselves by detecting whether we are sleeping or not.

First i-phone, then i-pad and now i-Watch will make the World Mad

After making whole world going mad towards i-phone and i-pad, now Apple is making some revolutionary changes to bring into market the unique i-watch. The front face of the i-watch would be either flat or curled. Sensors would determine whether the device was wrapped around your wrist and, if so, in what configuration and adjust the display accordingly. Along with other main features some that come to mind include pairing with the Find My iPhone feature, acting as a portal to Passbook and controlling third party accessories and home appliances.
There have been many rumors about Samsung is also working on a flexible OLED product in the marketplace within the next year. Only time will tell what features either of these products will have.

F22-Raptor Flu, The most Dangerous Virus

The USA air force has some bad news especially for F-22 Raptor stealth fighters. The planes are making Pilots feel crappy and there’s not much anyone can do about it. And even worse message for F22 maintenance workers is that any illness which they feel while working around F-22 Raptor is in their head.
The basic reason for problems related to Pilots is F-22′s faulty oxygen system, which since at least 2008 has been choking pilots, leading to confusion, memory loss and blackouts, combined known as hypoxia that may have contributed to at least one fatal crash.
The USA air force has claimed that they have changed the faulty oxygen filters in all roughly 180 F-22. Along with this they have also made alterations in Pilots G-suite as well. But on the other hand air force is also saying that this may not fix problem fully.
So, Pilots will have to live with this flu virus (F-22) until some concrete steps would have not been taken. Already it’s in records that this Raptor F-22 flu has taken one life of pilot, who lost his consciousness during his flight.

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0 to 400 Page Views in First Week

I am sharing my first  seven days effort on my blog i.e. I published 20 articles in first week. All articles were on different topics. Also done bit of SEO using Google Webmaster. For detail please visit below link:

I have over 1500 friends & followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This social sharing is really helping me now. For the last 2 days my social sharing has given me 50 page views in 2 hours and overall page views of 70-80 per day.

My overall traffic is from following contries:
Pakistan: 46%
USA: 44%
Europe: 5%
Rest of the World: 5%

The SEO work which I have with my blog is now making my blog to be either on first or on second page of google search if I search with "stunning blogs" keyword. At the start my blog was not even first 10 pages.

So, overall progress is reasonable, but I am not happy with page views considering the kind of articles I have written.

Please do comment about your blogs page views for first week.

Magical Tricks

Here I am explaining you some of the magical tricks, those you can try with your friends. These tricks will definitely stun them.

Find a Card from deck of 52 Playing Cards: 

For this trick you need deck of 52 cards. Ask your friend to choose some cards from deck of 52 cards. The rest of them will be in your hands. Now tell him to select one of the card and place it on top of the cards those he has. During this time what you have to do is to look into the last card which you have in your deck. Now after this get deck of cards (having his selected card at top) from your friend and place the whole deck of cards at top of cards those you have. So now the overall scenario is as follow:
The card which have memorized is right at the bottom.
The card which your friend has selected is right at top but you don’t know what it is.
Now it’s time to shuffle. Get some cards from the bottom and put them on top. So now your memorized card will be above the one which your friend selected. The trick is done here. Now you can hand over the deck of cards to his friend for shuffling as well. After he satisfies himself with shuffling then start looking for the card which you memorized and the card below this will be the one which your friend selected. Doesn’t it look simple?

Finding Number in Friends Mind: 

Follow following steps for this trick:

1. As your friend to think of some number.
2. Ask him/her to add same amount from his/her friend. So if user started with 5 number in     mind then after this second step total would be 10.
3. Now give some amount from your side to add into the total. Let say you ask for 30. So total would become 40.
4. Now ask him to give half amount to beggar from total. So he will be left with 20.
5.    Now ask him to give back the amount which he took in step 2. So the amount left will be 20-5=15.
Now during above scenario don’t ask user to tell you any amount which he/she has in his/her mind. After step 5 user would always be left with half of the amount which you tell him to add. So we asked him to add 30 in step 3. So at the end he would definitely left with 30/2=15. This trick will really amaze your friend that without knowing any amount how do you come to know about the left amount.

Filling 3 X 3 cube to get sum of 15: This is also simple but interesting trick. You will have to fill 3 X 3 cube with 1-9 digits in such a way that rows, columns and diagonal sum should be 15. No number should be repeated. The answer to this is as follow:


The key to trick is that you should always start by placing 5 in the center.

Predict Number Before Finalizing Sum: 

This is also good trick. So start this trick please follow below steps:

1.  Ask your friend to write any number.  It length can be any what your friend wants. For this example let say your friend writes 100.
2. Its 3 digit number. Now next 4 numbers below it should also be 3 in length. Now you have to append 2 to this number and subtract 2 from it as shown below:
2100 -2=2098. Now this is the correct answer which you have predicted before anyone writes further amounts for sum. Now write this answer on piece of paper upside down.
3. Now ask your friend to write some three digit number again below the first amount of 100. Let say he writes 689 as shown below:
4. Now it’s your turn to write number. You should always need to write number below each digit such that your digit plus digit above your number should be 9 always. So as your friend enters 689. So our number should be 3 because 6+3=9, 1 because 8+1=9 and 0 because 9+0 makes 9. So you should enter 310. So third amount from your side will be 310 as shown below:
5. Now ask you friend to write any 3 digit amount again. Let say he writes 000 as shown below.
6. Now final amount will be again from you. Again sum of digit you write and what your friend has written should be 9. So amount from you will be 999 as shown below.
Now ask your friend to sum all three numbers and then match the sum with what you have written on paper at very start. This will really amaze your friend how you come to know sum even before writing final values.

Currently this trick is done with 3 digit number. You can do it with any number of digits. It would really stun your friends if you ask them to write values in millions. Rule would be same whether your friend select 0 (1 digit) at the start or 111111111111111111111111111111 (more than 1 digit) etc.

German Woman (age 95) Revealed, She was Hitler Food Taster

Margot Woelk, German woman, age 95 after very long time admitted that during world war II she was given the task of tasting the food of Adolf Hitler. This was done to save Hitler from any chances of eating poison food. She further admitted that it was not something which was optional for her. She and other fourteen people were forced to do this.
Mrs Woelk was one of 15 women forced to test Hitler's food before it passed his lips at the Rastenburg base. As her fellow Germans were existing on rations, Mrs Woelk feasted on fresh fruit and vegetables, including asparagus, peppers and peas. For more than two years Margot Woelk risked her life by sampling food prepared for Hitler at his Eastern front HQ dubbed the Wolf's Lair.

Prince William paid 200$ in 2002 to see Kate Middleton in Bikini

Though the real warmth of Prince William & Kate Middleton is now normalized after marriage, but Price William was really impressed from Kate from very start. Their deep relationship was caught way back in 2002-2003. And at that time there were speculations of their marriage but Price William at that time cleared things to media that he would like to be married at-least after 7-8 years i.e. at the age of 28 or 29. Now the couple is expecting a child. But certain media news showed that Prince William was in blind love with Princess Kate from the very beginning. The reason for this is the fact that In March 2002, Prince William paid $200 to sit front row and watch a bikini-clad Kate Middleton walk down the runway of a student-run charity fashion show at University of St. Andrews.

My Dog, Who Laid his Life for Me

It was summer season last year when I went to my village to spend my holidays. I can’t forget these holidays as these seven days changed my life. On one morning I saw dog in front of main door. I clearly detected that he was starving. I provided him with some meat from refrigerator. Then he got used to it and used to come to our main gate every morning. And I used to provide him with some food.
With days passing, I got into special relationship with dog and allowed him to come into my home. In summer season I also used to go for hunting as well. And this summer I also planned with my cousin to do some hunting before leaving back for city. One morning when only 3 holidays were left I went for hunting with my cousin. The dog has now become just like pet in few days. I have got special attachment with him. So, he also went with us.
We tried hard to hunt birds but 3-4 hours passed without any success. Now it was afternoon and weather was very hot. So we took a bit of rest under tree. We got some water into our body to remove thirst as temperature was around 50 degree Celsius. I also got some water for my dog and also helped him to take bath under tube well. We started again our hunt. While looking for birds we went near some bushes where king cobra was hiding. I and my cousin were not aware of snake as our whole concentration was on hunting. But our dog sniffed the snake and went near bushes while barking. We suddenly went away from bushes judging that there must be some danger there. Due to dog’s barking, snake got into anger and got out of bushes. Now the dog and snake were in front of each other. I and my cousin just stunned by looking at the snake as it was cobra snake. My beloved dog was making snake to go away from us. I gathered my courage and tried one shot at snake but missed. I tried my second shot which was on target. But before this snake has got its poison into my dog. I tried my best to get my dog to nearest hospital which was at distance of 1 hour drive. But he died. This is the day in my life which I can’t forget. It was just my delay which took my beloved dog’s life. This is one of the greatest regret in my life.
I still remember those five days of my relationship with my beloved dog. And lesson which I have learned is that whether you take care of your beloved pets or not, they will give their lives for you. Unfortunately today human beings lack this behavior.
I haven’t found time to take my dog’s picture. The above picture is taken from internet but very much similar to my beloved dog. May God bless his soul to rest in peace. Ameen

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Most Followed Person on Twitter?

Do you know who is the most followed person on twitter? These days a tough battle is going on between “Justin Bieber” and “Lady Gaga” to become the most followed person on Twitter. But “Justin Bieber” looks to be winning this contest. Following is the list of most followed people on twitter.

1. Justin Bieber -- 33.333 million
2. Lady Gaga -- 33.329 million
3. Katy Perry -- 31.4 million
4. Rihanna -- 27.9 million
5. Barack Obama -- 26.1 million
6. Britney Spears -- 23.3 million
7. Taylor Swift -- 23.1 million
8. YouTube -- 22.2 million
9. Shakira -- 19.3 million
10. Kim Kardashian -- 17.2 million

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