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F22-Raptor Flu, The most Dangerous Virus

The USA air force has some bad news especially for F-22 Raptor stealth fighters. The planes are making Pilots feel crappy and there’s not much anyone can do about it. And even worse message for F22 maintenance workers is that any illness which they feel while working around F-22 Raptor is in their head.
The basic reason for problems related to Pilots is F-22′s faulty oxygen system, which since at least 2008 has been choking pilots, leading to confusion, memory loss and blackouts, combined known as hypoxia that may have contributed to at least one fatal crash.
The USA air force has claimed that they have changed the faulty oxygen filters in all roughly 180 F-22. Along with this they have also made alterations in Pilots G-suite as well. But on the other hand air force is also saying that this may not fix problem fully.
So, Pilots will have to live with this flu virus (F-22) until some concrete steps would have not been taken. Already it’s in records that this Raptor F-22 flu has taken one life of pilot, who lost his consciousness during his flight.

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