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10 Simple Tips to Make Windows Secure And Fast

Microsoft window is the most popular software being used in the world. But most of its users don’t know how to get best out of it. Below are the tips to make it secure and work super fast.

Tip 1: Remove un-necessary programs at windows startup. To do this put the command “MsConfig.exe” in the Start Menu-> Run command. You will find the dialog. Go to startup tab and unselect all the programs which you don’t want to load at windows startup. This will improve windows startup time.

Tip 2: Take care of temp folder. This folder basically contains the files for temporary purpose but if not deleted over a period of time then they can cause you pay a lot in terms of space. So to get free space go to Start Menu->Run command and enter “%temp%” in it. This action will open the folder. Try to delete as many files as you can. Some files may not be deleted because there may be possibility that some software using them.

Tip 3: Your virtual disk space should be equals to (2 X total Ram you have). To set this go to Control Panel->System->Advance System Settings->Advanced and then click properties for performance. Then in the new window again go to Advanced tab and set paging file size equal to (2 X total Ram you have). After making the change, restart the machine.

Tip 4: Defragment your drive regularly i.e. after every 10-15 days. To de-fragment any drive right click on it and select properties. Move to “Tools” tab and then click “Defragment Now” button. This task can take some time.

Tip 5: Antivirus is good solution to fight virus. But you should also avoid viruses. The best way to do is to only use internet through windows user which has minimum privileges. This will help you to keep away from many viruses, worms, torgons etc.

Tip 6: Use disk clean up to get more free space. To run this, select the drive and right click it and select properties. Now select disk cleanup option. This task can take bit of time but give you a lot of disk space if you haven’t run it for a long time.

Tip 7: Also try to check your drive/partitions for error as well. To do this right clicks your drive and select properties. Now select “Check Now” button. Either the system will start the process immediately or it will ask you to do checking at the next system start.

Tip 8: Take back-up of the drive regularly to keep your data safe. To do this right click the drive and click properties. Now select “Tools” tab and click “Backup” button to take backup of files in the drive.

Tip 9: You can also make your children not to use windows in specific hours if windows version is Vista or Windows 7. For this just go to Control Panel->Parental Control. Select the specific account and set the timings for allowing/disallowing user login.

Tip 10: Following are the software’s those will really add value to your system. You can get these software’s free of cost from the internet. Below are some of the software’s.
1. Nod 32 (Antivirus)
2. DAP (Download Accelerator Plus): To speed up your download speed.
3. Registry Mechanic: To speed up your system.
4. Notepad++: This is much better software than windows notepad.
5. Beyond Compare: To compare two files or folders for difference

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