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Microsoft Smart Move of Buying Nokia Business Could Have Great Impact on Smart Phone Industry

Though Microsoft put its foot very late into smart phone industry but now they are picking up pace to come into competition with Apple and Google. One step forward to this is the investment in Nokia Business.

The Finnish company's outgoing CEO Stephen Elop and interim CEO Risto Siilasmaa said Tuesday that The decision to sell Nokia's devices and services division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion was a difficult choice, but it was must to really shape things up because we were lacking behind as compared to our competitors.

The deal, if it passes regulatory approvals, will profoundly change the mobile market, transforming Microsoft into more of an Apple-like company with integrated hardware and software. It's the same move that Google made by acquiring Motorola Mobility, too.

Now only time will tell how Microsoft move its card after taking ownership of Nokia. Microsoft has habit of being slow in making decisions but this time they need to be spot on because Apple and Google are already moving swiftly as far as smart phone market is concerned.

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