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Normally new Android/Iphone app developers remains very curious about how much they can earn from free Android/Iphone apps using Ads. You will find many verbal answers to these sort of questions, some of them being accurate and some not. You will not find most accurate calculator to find monthly estimated earning from your free Android/Iphone Apps. The below calculator provides the most accurate monthly earning value based on given parameters. Active Downloads and ECPM rate default selected values are the ones those are average for most of the free app developers. Change all the values as per your well educated guess and press "Calculate Revenue" button to see how much you can earn from your free Android/Iphone App. If you like the idea then please do download and putup some positive reviews for my apps at following link:
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Total Downloads:
Active Downloads:
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Ladd Caldwell said...

on your "total downloads" tab, is it 1 million or 10 million? your comma and zero's dont match

Eugene van der Merwe said...

I agree with comment commas broken. Messy programming.

kaleen said...

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