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Vitz Complete Info (Detail of my 1st & 3rd generation vitz)-- Vitz IT Test and Fuel averages

I have two vitz models 2003 & 2011. Both are doing good. 2003 model gives me 10-11 km/l with ac but in Lahore Cantt, on long route it gives around 14 km/l with AC. The newer model 2011 is giving me currently 13 km/l (odometer shows 14.5 km/l) with AC again in lahore cantt (at an average speed of 20km/hour. In Lahore Cantt I cover daily 50 kms and have to pass through signals 15 times, through check posts 4 times and alot of speed breakers as well :-)). I haven't tested the new one on long route but it is expected to give around 18+ km/l.

You can get any kind of info related to vitz from me if you want.

Below is the pics of my new vitz and details of its IT test done from toyota walton motors:

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