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Dong Nguyen will blast world with another Flappy bird Hit Soon

I am Game developer. To get some good downloads for my unique idea games and to make them viral, I contacted Dong Nguyen through email. For my 3rd email I got positive response from him. I provided him with list of all my games and apps on Google Play Store.

From all of my games and apps Dong Nguyen liked "Fruity Snake" idea and recommended some suggestions. So, I am working on it these days. Will come up with its new release soon.

During email conversation Dong Nguyen also told me that he is also working on very unique game idea and will launch it soon. I would really appreciate the time he has given to my emails. He is really a nice guy.

I tried to convince him to put Flappy Bird on stores again but failed to do so. After 3 consecutive email responses now no response again :-).

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