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Real Madrid Ready to Adopt Lionel Messi in September 2015

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Lionel Messi conflicts with Barcelona are at their heights. Specially Barcelona not backing Messi up on some Spanish tax issues has made situation even worse. Messi has also shown some explicit actions that he is willing to leave Barcelona.

"Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid are the clubs that have the financial backing and the profile to attract a player of his stature. However, the question they will be asking themselves is 'can we spend 200 million pounds, plus his wages and stay within the financial fair play (FFP) rules?'

"Manchester United and Real Madrid are in prime position because of their business model and financial structure that provides them with the additional income required to stay within FFP limits and sign Messi."

Messi could take up to six months to negotiate and would have to be carefully structured. He said: "In this current market, I don't think there is a club that would pay the transfer fee in one single payment.

Real Madrid last year posted record revenue of 480 million pounds. From television alone they earned almost 110 million pounds, because La Liga has no collective agreement and the big clubs are free to negotiate their own deals.

Two years ago they also signed a new shirt deal with Emirates that was 30 percent more lucrative and have also announced plans to redevelop the Bernabeu, which would increase commercial opportunities and led to rumours of a lucrative naming-rights deal.

There is little doubt that Madrid could afford Messi, but the big question remains: would he want to do a Figo and make the leap to the Spanish capital?

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