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Microsoft unveils Windows 10 holographic technology

Microsoft had its Windows 10 event Wednesday and announced the latest features and devices, which include a free upgrade to Windows 10, the new Surface Hub display and the HoloLens.

Microsoft unveiled the new Windows 10, a new Surface Hub display and holographic technology at its live Windows 10 event Wednesday in Redmond, Washington.

The biggest announcement at the event was a new hologram device called HoloLens. The new head gear is a holographic computer that requires voice and hand-gesture commands for use. The computer is completely wireless and runs on Windows 10 software. Users will be able to perform basic phone functions, watch TV and design and create objects — such as spaceships — and 3-D print them.
Microsoft's hologram labs will also develop and release a holographic Skype and holographic Minecraft in the future.

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