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German Woman (age 95) Revealed, She was Hitler Food Taster

Margot Woelk, German woman, age 95 after very long time admitted that during world war II she was given the task of tasting the food of Adolf Hitler. This was done to save Hitler from any chances of eating poison food. She further admitted that it was not something which was optional for her. She and other fourteen people were forced to do this.
Mrs Woelk was one of 15 women forced to test Hitler's food before it passed his lips at the Rastenburg base. As her fellow Germans were existing on rations, Mrs Woelk feasted on fresh fruit and vegetables, including asparagus, peppers and peas. For more than two years Margot Woelk risked her life by sampling food prepared for Hitler at his Eastern front HQ dubbed the Wolf's Lair.

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