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Skype becoming Death for Msn

Microsoft is fine-tuning its shift from Msn messenger to Skype. This is one of their aggressive plan. Late last year, officials said to expect Microsoft to retire Messenger in all countries in the first quarter of 2013 with the exception of mainland China. The new timetable is slightly lengthier, but not much.

The phase out is for the desktop version of Messenger, said Parri Munsell, Director of Marketing Integration for Skype. Munsell said that the desktop version of Messenger represents the "vast majority" of the Messenger user base. Skype officials are not providing a timetable as to when Microsoft plans to retire Messenger on mobile and/or multivendor platforms.

Its all because of these aggressive steps that use of Skype for voice calls has increased by 44% over last few months.

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