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Women Most Likely to Reach 100th Birthday

Women have long been known to live longer than men, but when it comes to hitting the century mark the difference is stark.
Of the 53,364 Americans age 100 and older, more than 80 percent are women, according to a US Census Bureau report.
The agency's findings, based on data collected from its 2010 census, also found those who make it past 100 are also more likely to be white city-dwellers in the Northeast and Midwest.
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the rates are similar in Australia. There were estimated to be 3049 centenarians in Australia as of March 2012 - 2495 women (82 percent) compared to 554 men.
"Due to sex differences in mortality over the lifespan, the proportion of females in the population increases with age. This is especially true in the oldest ages, where the percentage female increases sharply," Census researchers write.

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