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PlayStation 4 Stunning Features Revealed by Sony

Sony has finally revealed the features of long awaited PS4. PS4 will be released in next 6-8 months. Song is calling this new console as “Super Charged” Pc.

The PS4 will have following stunning features.

1.    It will have entirely new hardware with enhanced graphics to add new dimension to gaming by improving performance as well.
2.    The console is also expected to support 4K - or ultra-high-definition – video.
3.    It will come with a brand new DualShock 4 controller, which will include a touchpad, a share button, as well as a light-bar - which will allow a camera on the console to track its movement.

4.    It will also have a unique social interactive experience with the new console. They will be able to pause gameplay, and then choose a clip from their recent activity, which they can then upload to share with others. The upload will take place in the background while the gamer can continue on with the game.

5.    It will also provide flexibility to the user to be able to give access to friends to connect to their machine from externally - they will be able to take control of the game and help them progress if they are stuck on a certain part of a game.
6.    It will also allow spectators view - so users can invite friends to watch them live as they continue in their game, and potentially show them new tricks or how to progress past difficult levels in games without having to be with them.

Along with other features Sony is also engaging wide range of big name software for the PS4 is being prepared, including Bungie's upcoming "shared-world shooter" Destiny, which will include exclusive content for the PS4.

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