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Obama Ordered to Attack Iran through Stuxnet

The tensions between America and Iran is known to everyone. Along with other facts the main reason for tension is Iran preparation's for Nuclear weapons. It takes alot of time to get capability to get nuclear power because enrichment of uranium takes time. So basic problem which America was facing was to detect the current state of Iran nuclear plants.

To achieve this Obama ordered american cyber warfare team to launch final attack. They prepared Stuxnet, the computer virus. Started by the Bush administration in 2006, the stealth operation went under the handle "Olympic Games" and a major part of the project, a worm planted by spies meant to knock out iran enrichment facilities, went public in the summer of 2010 when the worm escaped Iran's Natanz plant because of a programming error and made it into the Internet. The president and other members of the administration then considered shutting it down, but ultimately let it continue. Two new versions of the worm hit the plant in the coming weeks and at one point shut down 1,000 of the 5,000 centrifuges Iran was using to purify uranium. After that, the worm was discovered -- though its source was unknown -- and named Stuxnet. Observers marveled at how advanced the malware was.
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