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0 to 400 Page Views in First Week

I am sharing my first  seven days effort on my blog i.e. I published 20 articles in first week. All articles were on different topics. Also done bit of SEO using Google Webmaster. For detail please visit below link:

I have over 1500 friends & followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. This social sharing is really helping me now. For the last 2 days my social sharing has given me 50 page views in 2 hours and overall page views of 70-80 per day.

My overall traffic is from following contries:
Pakistan: 46%
USA: 44%
Europe: 5%
Rest of the World: 5%

The SEO work which I have with my blog is now making my blog to be either on first or on second page of google search if I search with "stunning blogs" keyword. At the start my blog was not even first 10 pages.

So, overall progress is reasonable, but I am not happy with page views considering the kind of articles I have written.

Please do comment about your blogs page views for first week.

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