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My Dog, Who Laid his Life for Me

It was summer season last year when I went to my village to spend my holidays. I can’t forget these holidays as these seven days changed my life. On one morning I saw dog in front of main door. I clearly detected that he was starving. I provided him with some meat from refrigerator. Then he got used to it and used to come to our main gate every morning. And I used to provide him with some food.
With days passing, I got into special relationship with dog and allowed him to come into my home. In summer season I also used to go for hunting as well. And this summer I also planned with my cousin to do some hunting before leaving back for city. One morning when only 3 holidays were left I went for hunting with my cousin. The dog has now become just like pet in few days. I have got special attachment with him. So, he also went with us.
We tried hard to hunt birds but 3-4 hours passed without any success. Now it was afternoon and weather was very hot. So we took a bit of rest under tree. We got some water into our body to remove thirst as temperature was around 50 degree Celsius. I also got some water for my dog and also helped him to take bath under tube well. We started again our hunt. While looking for birds we went near some bushes where king cobra was hiding. I and my cousin were not aware of snake as our whole concentration was on hunting. But our dog sniffed the snake and went near bushes while barking. We suddenly went away from bushes judging that there must be some danger there. Due to dog’s barking, snake got into anger and got out of bushes. Now the dog and snake were in front of each other. I and my cousin just stunned by looking at the snake as it was cobra snake. My beloved dog was making snake to go away from us. I gathered my courage and tried one shot at snake but missed. I tried my second shot which was on target. But before this snake has got its poison into my dog. I tried my best to get my dog to nearest hospital which was at distance of 1 hour drive. But he died. This is the day in my life which I can’t forget. It was just my delay which took my beloved dog’s life. This is one of the greatest regret in my life.
I still remember those five days of my relationship with my beloved dog. And lesson which I have learned is that whether you take care of your beloved pets or not, they will give their lives for you. Unfortunately today human beings lack this behavior.
I haven’t found time to take my dog’s picture. The above picture is taken from internet but very much similar to my beloved dog. May God bless his soul to rest in peace. Ameen

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