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Apple iOS 6.1.1 Totally Flopped

Apple is now into real battle with Android. But to won this battle they are making changes too fast. This is causing some real problems and Apple users are bit disappointed. It looks that they are working on pigeon hole principle i.e. to fill one hole leave other open by mistake. iOS 6.1.1 may have fixed one problem only to create another, at least according to some users.
Several iPhone 4S owners chimed on Apple's Support Communities that their i-phone battery drains much faster after upgrading to 6.1.1. In a discussion thread labeled "My iPhone 4S battery life is terrible, Even with iOS 6.1.1," many report that their battery life was much better under iOS 6.1. So iOS version 6.2.2 is expected within next few days. But who knows to fix this problem they create another loop hole by mistake.

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