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Prince William paid 200$ in 2002 to see Kate Middleton in Bikini

Though the real warmth of Prince William & Kate Middleton is now normalized after marriage, but Price William was really impressed from Kate from very start. Their deep relationship was caught way back in 2002-2003. And at that time there were speculations of their marriage but Price William at that time cleared things to media that he would like to be married at-least after 7-8 years i.e. at the age of 28 or 29. Now the couple is expecting a child. But certain media news showed that Prince William was in blind love with Princess Kate from the very beginning. The reason for this is the fact that In March 2002, Prince William paid $200 to sit front row and watch a bikini-clad Kate Middleton walk down the runway of a student-run charity fashion show at University of St. Andrews.

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