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Magical Tricks

Here I am explaining you some of the magical tricks, those you can try with your friends. These tricks will definitely stun them.

Find a Card from deck of 52 Playing Cards: 

For this trick you need deck of 52 cards. Ask your friend to choose some cards from deck of 52 cards. The rest of them will be in your hands. Now tell him to select one of the card and place it on top of the cards those he has. During this time what you have to do is to look into the last card which you have in your deck. Now after this get deck of cards (having his selected card at top) from your friend and place the whole deck of cards at top of cards those you have. So now the overall scenario is as follow:
The card which have memorized is right at the bottom.
The card which your friend has selected is right at top but you don’t know what it is.
Now it’s time to shuffle. Get some cards from the bottom and put them on top. So now your memorized card will be above the one which your friend selected. The trick is done here. Now you can hand over the deck of cards to his friend for shuffling as well. After he satisfies himself with shuffling then start looking for the card which you memorized and the card below this will be the one which your friend selected. Doesn’t it look simple?

Finding Number in Friends Mind: 

Follow following steps for this trick:

1. As your friend to think of some number.
2. Ask him/her to add same amount from his/her friend. So if user started with 5 number in     mind then after this second step total would be 10.
3. Now give some amount from your side to add into the total. Let say you ask for 30. So total would become 40.
4. Now ask him to give half amount to beggar from total. So he will be left with 20.
5.    Now ask him to give back the amount which he took in step 2. So the amount left will be 20-5=15.
Now during above scenario don’t ask user to tell you any amount which he/she has in his/her mind. After step 5 user would always be left with half of the amount which you tell him to add. So we asked him to add 30 in step 3. So at the end he would definitely left with 30/2=15. This trick will really amaze your friend that without knowing any amount how do you come to know about the left amount.

Filling 3 X 3 cube to get sum of 15: This is also simple but interesting trick. You will have to fill 3 X 3 cube with 1-9 digits in such a way that rows, columns and diagonal sum should be 15. No number should be repeated. The answer to this is as follow:


The key to trick is that you should always start by placing 5 in the center.

Predict Number Before Finalizing Sum: 

This is also good trick. So start this trick please follow below steps:

1.  Ask your friend to write any number.  It length can be any what your friend wants. For this example let say your friend writes 100.
2. Its 3 digit number. Now next 4 numbers below it should also be 3 in length. Now you have to append 2 to this number and subtract 2 from it as shown below:
2100 -2=2098. Now this is the correct answer which you have predicted before anyone writes further amounts for sum. Now write this answer on piece of paper upside down.
3. Now ask your friend to write some three digit number again below the first amount of 100. Let say he writes 689 as shown below:
4. Now it’s your turn to write number. You should always need to write number below each digit such that your digit plus digit above your number should be 9 always. So as your friend enters 689. So our number should be 3 because 6+3=9, 1 because 8+1=9 and 0 because 9+0 makes 9. So you should enter 310. So third amount from your side will be 310 as shown below:
5. Now ask you friend to write any 3 digit amount again. Let say he writes 000 as shown below.
6. Now final amount will be again from you. Again sum of digit you write and what your friend has written should be 9. So amount from you will be 999 as shown below.
Now ask your friend to sum all three numbers and then match the sum with what you have written on paper at very start. This will really amaze your friend how you come to know sum even before writing final values.

Currently this trick is done with 3 digit number. You can do it with any number of digits. It would really stun your friends if you ask them to write values in millions. Rule would be same whether your friend select 0 (1 digit) at the start or 111111111111111111111111111111 (more than 1 digit) etc.

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