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How to Earn 100$ per Day from Adsense

Whether you are working on website or blog, the first thing which comes in your mind will be “How to get maximum traffic?” The answer to this is complex in a sense that there is not one way to achieve huge traffic and money. Some people do it in one way and other does it in other way. However whatsoever the case is, following are points those everyone should follow to achieve success:

Quality Content: You should try to build up website/blog having unique & quality content. Some people are making money with top quality content on website/blogs having only few pages. And others are making nothing out of 100 page website.

Setting up Meta tags: You should have to be somewhat familiar with html. At-least following 3 attributes of <head> tag should be known to you.

<head>    <title>Top search engines</title>    <meta name="description" content="Top Search Engines provides you support to search in all search engines at one place" />    <meta name="keywords" content="Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Aol, MyWebSearch, Blekko, Lycos, DogPile, WebCrawler, Info, InfoSpace, Search, Excite, GoodSearch, Top Search Engine" />    </head>Each web page you design must contains above three attributes (title, description, keywords). When you search anything on web then most of the search engines got keywords being searched matched with what you will give in keywords tag i.e. Bing, Yahoo, Ask….Title and description is what you see in results of search engines. So if you will search for “Bing, Yahoo, Ask, Aol” then you will get below results:Top Search EnginesTop Search Engines provides you support to search in all search engines at one place……..……….……….Don’t set a lot of keywords as Google treats it as spam. Also keywords should match to the nature of content which you will place on page.Also If you have images in your webpage then try to use “alt” attribute value in image tag i.e. <img src=”…” alt=”wedding image”>. Google and other search engines use this value to relate to images and pages as well.

Sitemap: Your blog/site should also have sitemap which contains list of all important links those your website has. Sometime search engine crawlers take a lot of time to get new website/blog to be part of search results. So in this case this sitemap would help us to submit it directly to search engine so that it can read what important links and information website has.
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Backlinks: Try to use quality backlinks. Your website/blog having a lot of links will also raise rank for you website but to some extent in normal circumstances.

Host Website/Blog: After taking care of above some of the important steps, now it’s time to get things hosted. After hosting website you will not get your website/blog listed in search engine results. The reason for this is fact that search engine crawlers/spiders do take some time to read your website/blog. The time period can be from 5-8 days to even month. During this time you can just do publicity of your website by your own means i.e. face book, twitter etc.

Verify if Website is in good book for Search Engine Crawlers: Following are some of the steps related to verify whether your site has been picked up by search engine or not. Also if associated crawler has indexed your website/blog or not. From here I am discussing example of my blogs those I posted on So, I need to verify Google search engine first. First you need to sign-in to Google webmaster URL ( After login you will see all web blogs/ websites those you have just hosted. Click on website/blog and you will see a lot of options to verify following things related to website/blog.

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1.      Configuration
2.      Health

3.      Traffic

4.      Optimization

 1.      Configuration

In configuration you can make settings like setting target audience country wise, demote any website links (links those want to keep private and don’t want to show in search results), change of domain address and configuring the owner of website. 

2.      Health
This is the most important option. It will tell you where your website is indexed in search engine or not. It would also tell you whether crawler has cached your website or not. If indexing and crawling is taking too much time then you can use option “Fetch as Google” to manually adding all of your URLs and then dictating Google to index them by selecting them one by one. This will also take some time but will be much quicker.To verify if your website is indexed in search engine or not, try to search for query in following format:Site:stunningblogs.blogspot.comIf search engine results links for your website (here website is then this means your website has been picked up by search engine. But it doesn’t mean that it has also been crawled and cached. 
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3.      Traffic
Traffic will tell you about searches those are leading people to your blogs. It will also provide other links information which you have used in your blog. 

4.      Optimization
Optimization will contain information about Sitemaps (we discussed it earlier. If you will submit your  sitemap here then it will help search engine reach all of your pages. In automatic crawling search engine may not be able to dig out all of your pages. So it’s better to submit sitemap)Optimization will also have “Html Improvements” option. Here you will find improvements by those your blog/website will become search engine friendly. Here you will also find option “Content Keywords”. This will help you in getting all the keywords those are making people to lead to your website through search engine.

Don’t go for Adsense without substantial traffic:  Try Adsense once you have some decent traffic. Specially for website you should have at least 8000-10000 views per month. Also before submitting to Adsense make sure that your website should have privacy, about us page. Also try to avoid third party images (wallpapers etc) before applying for Adsense.
Note: whether you have website/blog, if your most of the traffic is coming from search engine then your earning would be good. Getting traffic by rest of the means (social mediums [Face book, Twitter, Google plus, Digg]) will get you average money.
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To make hundred dollars you would require roughly 50,000-150,000 page views. It depends on niche and from where your major traffic is. 
I have put in a lot of effort to gather above information. Please do comment on this post. Please also recommend this to your friends. Thanks. 


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